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    1. About us
      A full range of customized display solution providers
      Tuomai, look forward to your joining

      Job title
      Job category
      Place of work
      Number of recruits
      Release time


      1. College degree or above, major in logistics and supply chain is preferred

      2. Work experience in related fields is preferred;

      3. Experience in ERP operation and inventory management, have a certain understanding of the overall supply chain, and be familiar with relevant transportation policies and regulations;

      4. Good sense of service, good analysis, communication, coordination, negotiation skills, good team spirit;

      5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and good professional quality, work steadfastly, patiently and meticulously.


      1. Salary: probationary period 5.5k, after the probation period 6.5k + five insurances and one housing fund + performance + quarterly award + year-end bonus

      2. Performance: the more team performance is done, the more performance is taken;

      3. Welfare: gifts are distributed on holidays; Perfect social welfare insurance; The company organizes employee dinners and trips from time to time, giving colleagues sufficient time for communication, and has high year-end bonuses and paid annual leave.

      4. Year-end bonus, team sales performance award

      5. After working for one year, 5 days of paid annual leave

      The company has strong teamwork, staff unity and friendship, full of youth and vitality full of courageous spirit, as long as you have ideals, the company provides a broad development platform, if you have a dream please join us!

      Interested parties can send their electronic resume and relevant ID photos to the following HR mailbox:

      HR email: TM2021ZJL@163.com

      Submit your resume
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